About Me

Terry Ann Powell-Bajwa has a wide range of Marketing, Banking Merchant Services, and IT industry (FinTech) experience, including Executive Banking and winning government contracts. In this current position, she specializes in providing expert IT consulting and IT solutions for SMBs, corporations, and government entities. Terry's lineage is linked to the late Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell. 

Ms. Powel-Bajwa works hard to set an example as a Business Leader. She is a servant leader that champions for women entrepreneurs to succeed as independent business professionals at the executive and C-Suite levels. In addition, she has been an outspoken advocate for mentoring women to inform them about their needs to succeed in business.

Current Role and Duties

Terry Ann is a FinTech expert for Tera Consulting Inc. in New York, providing IT solutions for government entities and private business owners. The world of FinTech has had a data-driven evolutionary impact on how business processes are run. Ms. Powell-Bajwa specializes in automating solutions using digital technology and specialized software to automate many office processes.

As a result of the IT consulting and management performed by Terry Ann and Tera Consulting Inc., companies can save costs with a reduced administrative workforce and increased computing power to run a broader range of business processes and applications. These technologies include cloud computing and storage, mobile services, and data centre architecture.

FinTech is a disruptive technology because it has transformed financial services, which include banking, trading, advising, and business products, with alternative strategies that are more efficient and more convenient for the organization, the consumer, or when dealing with B2B clients, such as with vendors and suppliers.

Using a combination of deep business insight and a keen understanding of new data technologies and emerging business models, Ms. Powell-Bajwa assists companies and institutions by leveraging digital technology to benefit the business's bottom line.

Educational Background

Terry Ann Powell-Bajwa holds multiple Master's degrees in Business Administration (MBA), a specialized Master's in organizational leadership (MAOL), and PMP. Her education has been vital to increasing the quality of services and the number of clients she serves. Her degrees have helped Tera Consulting Inc. grow from a start-up to a well-organized firm that assists other corporate entities. 

Her business education granted Ms. Powell-Bajwa the knowledge to assist with business financing, accounting, and management. As a result, she built an impressive network of business associates that offered a prestigious advantage over her competition.

Her Master's in Organizational Leadership and Strategy Leadership taught her to integrate traditional management skills with emerging leadership approaches to grow and profit. 

Tera Consulting Inc. It is through strategic decision-making that the company competed for government contracts, an area of business consulting ripe with complex contract terms and high standards of execution. It demands strict compliance with government regulations.

Terry Ann is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) that can guide clients in rolling out new IT technologies and other business projects while staying within Budget and on schedule. As an IT business project manager, Ms. Powell-Bajwa must pay close attention to a company's technical and financial resources to determine the feasibility and best path toward project completion.

Professional Skills

Data Center Architecture

Experience creating IT frameworks that manage a company's data and operations using enterprise-wide communications and operating systems. Has modernized outdated data warehouses to improve employee access to reliable data that integrates with newer technologies.

Business Transformation Strategies

They have developed strategies to realign business operations with new and modern corporate models that will leverage the power of digital information to benefit people, systems, or processes. For example, Ms. Powell-Bajwa has used data aggregation tools such as digital CRM systems and online ordering/payment systems to shift how companies operate.

Cloud Management

Tera Consulting Inc. offers cloud management solutions and services to keep data storage running smoothly, with consulting on how to plan, roll out, operate, and control cloud services provided to business customers.

Business Integration and Automation

Has orchestrated the automation of administrative, financial, and business tasks to save companies money, deliver better services, and reduce administrative overhead. The result of a business integrating with automation tools includes more streamlined operations, fewer errors, and a better customer experience.

Application Development

Able to gather critical business information and requirements to design proprietary applications that allow companies to adapt more rapidly to changing economics and consumer behaviours.

Charitable Involvement

Terry Ann Powell-Bajwa has contributed to many charities worldwide that support women, children, families, and the environment locally and nationally. Giving others her time, talent, or treasures is a value instilled in her from childhood. She feels passionate about charities supporting children of all races and faiths, especially those fighting childhood hunger and disease.

Ms. Powell-Bajwa is also a champion of women's rights and has mentored many women to stand up for equal pay and responsibilities in the corporate world. Her experiences in corporate America have shown her the importance of having female representation at all levels of management to bring fresh and innovative ideas to the table.

Environmental causes are also crucial to Terry Ann, as she promotes many eco-friendly lifestyles such as recycling, increased green spaces, renewable energy, and clean waterways. She and her family have volunteered locally to help keep her community clean, feed and sponsor those in need,

Personal Interests

In addition to spending time at home with family, Terry Ann enjoys walking, cycling, hiking, and Yoga. She has found that outdoor activities and Yoga relieve stress and improve moods. Along with her children, she is also an avid traveller and enjoys finding quaint and lively communities off-the-beaten trails and often with a mountain backdrop or interior waterways. She believes travelling to distant lands is a great way to take one out of their comfort zone and challenge one to adapt to new ways of doing things. She loves to travel for the experience, the discoveries, and the new friends she has met along the way.


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